Quit Smoking with hypnotherapy at our clinic
You can quit the habit and will not replace it with other cravings


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I put on weight if I stop smoking?

    No! You will have no substitute for smoking in any way.

  2. Will I feel more stressed if i don’t smoke?

    No! Those who do smoke are more stressed than those who don’t

  3. Will I save money?

    Yes!! Below is a table calculated on 1 packet of cigarettes per day.

    Average cost €13 per packet

    Weekly €91

    Monthly €364

    Yearly €4732

    5 years €23,660

    10 years €47,320

    20 years €94,640

    30 years €141,960 (enough to pay off a small mortgage.)


Smoking Cessation Programme