Lead with Grit & Grace

6 Month Transformational Programme for Leaders

“Working with Margot has been an incredible experience that has inspired real personal growth and change…….I feel more energized, focused, and motivated than ever before.”

Ronan Boland, General Manager, Portiuncula Hospital, Aramark Healthcare

Empower Leaders and Teams Thrive Too!

Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Are career limiting habits getting in the way?

Are you struggling to find your purpose?

Would you like to inspire others and use your voice more? 


‘Leading with Grit and Grace Programme is a 6 month transformational programme designed to support leaders to build resilience, release unhelpful mindsets, find their purpose and develop the power to influence. It is a tried and tested programme run inhouse for teams of leaders who are looking to thrive. 

Margot’s methodology looks at the intersection between Leadership and Wellbeing and draws from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness along with hundreds of hours of coaching innovative and passionate leaders in a multitude of industries. 

By mastering these four pillars of leadership, you will be able to tap into the wisdom of your body replenish your energy, and reclaim your superpowers in life, work and leadership. This programme is designed to deliver unparalleled results for leaders.

The four pillars of Leadership – Integrate, Empower, Excite and Inspire result in you mastering the following:


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