Training programme

'Being a Manager is not a Stress Rehearsal!'

Margot, it was a truly wonderful day, action packed, fun and most importantly no laptops, phones or powerpoint overload. Great to really step out of the office!’ 

Sheena Staunton, Regional Healthcare Manager at Aramark Healthcare

taking care of the Wellbeing of your Managers & People Leaders

‘Being a Manager is not a Stress Rehearsal!’ is the outcome of numerous training programmes in both large and small industries where the needs and support required by managers to perform at high levels while maintaining good wellbeing was continually accessed.

This training is a combination of 121 online coaching sessions in conjunction with face to face group training sessions where participants master the following:

  • Physical wellbeing and embodied joy
  • An understanding of the signs of burnout in you and your team
  • Energy, boundaries and balance
  • Radical self love and self care
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Shifting Limiting Beliefs
  • Emotional Clearing & Resilience
  • Dismantling Self Sabotage
  • How to have difficult conversations

And much more…….contact me for further details.