Resilience Retreats

for Employees, Managers & Leaders

 ‘Margot, it was a truly wonderful day, action packed, fun and most importantly no laptops, phones or PowerPoint overload. Great to really step out of the office!’ 

Sheena Staunton, Regional Healthcare Manager at Aramark Healthcare

taking care of the Wellbeing of your People

Resilience Retreats was created after seeing a need to support organisations in taking care of the wellbeing of their people.

Empower your team to take time out to reset at one of our handpicked locations in Ireland, whilst attending valuable training focused on building resilience which will benefit your organisation in numerous ways. 

What’s included:

  • Master resilience, stress management, habits, motivation & productivity, sleep & energy, teamwork & confident communication
  • For a more professional focus master Leadership, Teamwork, or a focus area of your choice
  • Tailor a bespoke retreat date, layout & content to meet the needs of an extended team of 20 or more
  • Learn from Margot Fox, international resilience consultant and her team of psychologists
  • Switch off in a handpicked location which meets the needs of your team

And much more…….contact me for further details.