Burnout · Stress Management · Resilience


 ‘The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the session has been hugely beneficial for our employees’ 

Hayley Murphy, HR Manager, Sandvik Mining & Logistics Ltd

Put the breaks on Burnout

How to Reinspire, Refocus and Restore Meaning


An understanding of what burnout is and where you could be on the burnout scale

Strategies to put the breaks on burnout

How to rise out of exhaustion and fear and rediscover the joy of living

Tools to move you to a more balanced, fun-filled life.

Humour your Stress

How Joy Changes Culture and Performance


The ability to understand the difference between good and bad stress

Ways to change perceptions of yourself and others

Strategies to bust stress, lead more effectively, fear less, deal with change and collaborate effectively

Ways to react differently to stress


Communicate like a Ninja

How To Not Loose It During A Difficult Conversation. It Is Possible!


How to rein in your mind and stay calm

How to move from a reactive to a responsive state in seconds

How to have a level of connection you never had before

How to communicate in a more effective way to get the results you want

What Makes Margot fox Different?

Margot is a Stress Management Consultant, Accredited Mental Health and Wellness Coach and Humourist whose training is animated and informal and relies on story and humour to embed the science of wellbeing. 

Laptops, phones and powerpoint presentations are replaced with props, music, dance, meditation and active engagement – all the learnings are grounded in science. She is currently transforming work cultures with her innovative approach to wellbeing. 

Training is deep, transformative and very enjoyable with numerous actionable takeaways at the end of the sessions. Prepare to be challenged, inspired and empowered.

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