Stop Smoking


Stop Smoking:

3 audios, approx. 30 mins duration each

Before treatment starts you are stressed, craving with desire for cigarettes, addicted and you are a slave to the cigarette.

After using our transformational audios, you will be a non-smoker and embrace the benefits it will give to your life, your new life. From the moment you stop smoking, the addiction will start to fade. Within a number of weeks, all of the nicotine will have left your system. You will start to see the benefits of not smoking within 24 hours of stopping. You will not substitute smoking with another addiction such as food.

Make that decision now and start your new journey as a non-smoker. No matter how much we are told about the dangers of smoking, people continue to smoke. Why? In simple terms, it has become an ingrained habit in your life. This habitual behaviour is directed by your subconscious mind, and therefore the most effective method to stop it IS with transformational audios, because they work directly with your subconscious mind…the storage location of your habits.

If you really want to give up these transformational audios will work for you.