5 audios, approx. 30 mins duration each

Are you often overwhelmed by worry and anxiety, even when there is no major cause for concern in your life?

Do you wonder where all those nebulous stomach churning fears spring from and how you can stop them?

Constant worry is debilitating and exhausting

Whether you are fretting about real and pressing problems that you have to solve or whether your mind is full of fears and fantasies about what might go wrong, the effect is the same.

You can’t think straight, you feel tense and stressed, your digestion plays up, you can’t sleep, you feel sick and there seems no way out. It’s a nightmare.

The constant state of ‘red alert’

People often compare the state of generalized anxiety to being on constant ‘red alert’. It feels as if there is an immediate ‘threat’ out there.

You are constantly on the look out, even though you don’t know what you are looking for, or what you will do if you find it. The comparison is a good one.

It’s as if your ‘danger sensor’ has been set to trip at too low a point. Everything starts to feel threatening.

The vicious spiral of worry

And of course the human danger sensor is not a piece of digital equipment that you can just reset with the flick of a switch. It has an internal feedback mechanism that’s regulated by your emotions.

So the more you worry… the more you worry. It’s a vicious spiral, but not irreversible.

Because the good news is that this feedback loop works both ways. The less you worry… the less you worry, and the spiral becomes your friend. These audios can imprint that positive feedback at an unconscious level and prevent excessive worrying from returning.